Jeff Nelson is a technical entrepreneur driving innovation at the intersection of human and machine intelligence. After spending a decade creating big data and cybersecurity software at companies like Palantir, MailChimp and Ionic Security, Jeff is actively working to make technology more empathetic and intuitive in hopes of creating more inclusive communities and more efficient workforces.

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Cinchapi, an early stage technology startup that gives businesses real-time data insights and the ability to act on them when it matters. Cinchapi has created the world’s first code-free platform for data discovery, analytics, and automation powered by machine learning.

Jeff is also the Co-Founder and CTO of Blavity, a digital media collective that produces content focused on news, women’s empowerment, travel, films and entrepenuership for over 15 million urban millennials each month. Under Jeff’s leadership, Cinchapi and Blavity combined have raised over $2 million in venture funding, generated millions in annual recurring revenue, and have increased diversity in the technology ecosystem by creating dozens of jobs for women and minorities.

Jeff is based in Atlanta and gives back to the local startup community as a mentor for entrepreneurs in the Founder Institute and Ascend 2020 programs. Jeff is also committed to introducing technical entrepreneurship to others as the Founder of the DeepStack code immersion program, which provides additional training to non-traditional students who are learning how to write code.

Jeff studied Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis.