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Jeff Nelson

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Jeff Nelson, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Blavity Inc. (the leading company for Black culture and millennials), is a technical architect, software expert, and serial entrepreneur. His extensive knowledge of technology and software development combined with his ability to bring theoretical concepts to life has earned him the moniker of “the Relatable CTO” for his ability to distill complex software and hardware technology down to real-world solutions.

In addition to Co-Founding Blavity, Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Cinchapi Inc., a real-time software platform for data discovery, analytics, and automation. Both as a Chief Technology Officer and a Founder, Jeff is busy driving innovation in technology, business, culture, and public policy.

As a Chief Operating Officer, Jeff has expanded into technology consulting and software development with the notable mission to create elegant solutions to complex problems using the benefits of the latest technology, so we humans can be more productive. As an entrepreneur, Jeff focuses on inventions that creatively harness the power of human and machine intelligence to make it easier for people to connect, work and thrive.

His companies have combined to raise over $13 million in venture funding, generated millions in recurring revenue and created dozens of jobs for women and underrepresented people.

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